UNISORB® Machine Tools Installation & Applications

At UNISORB®, we’ve installed machine tools of all types in a variety of industries. This massive amount of experience has helped us to develop practical and effective solutions to many common machine tool issues, like misalignment and short machine life. The result: a complete line of UNISORB® products made to work with almost any machine tool application.

To simplify the process of product selection, we have arranged our products to support the two categories of machine tools: Support Critical Machines and Non-Support Critical Machines.

Why Machine Tools Need UNISORB® Products

Modern machine tools offer high performance, repeatability, and precision – benefits that you can’t achieve without a proper installation. Unfortunately, many machine tools aren’t properly installed, resulting in reduced productivity, increased maintenance and, ultimately, a lower ROI than expected. By installing machine tools properly, you’ll prevent installation problems before they happen and will get more use out of your machines.

That’s where UNISORB® can help – with our state-of-the-art products and technology, you can get the most from your machine tools.

Installation Solutions

Machine tool installs require specialized skills in machinery alignment, shock, and vibration control. That’s why we’ve assembled an internal Engineering Department – to provide you with expert engineering design and systems selection in every machine installation.

If you are experiencing shock and/or vibration problems that are affecting your quality control, contact us for a complete ambient vibration survey. Our experienced sales engineers will work with you on-site to determine exact conditions and recommend solutions for complete shock and vibration control. To simplify the process of product selection, we have arranged our products to support the two categories of machine tools: Support Critical Machines and Non-Support Critical Machines.

Learn more by downloading this brochure:

UNISORB Foundation Isolation Solutions (PDF)

Support-Critical Machines

To assure that critical operational alignments are maintained, many machine tools require substantial support from their surroundings. To accomplish this, these machine tools must be rigidly connected to an adequate foundation.

We offer five products used to address the full range of foundation-isolation and alignment requirements for Support-Critical Machine Tools.

Non-Support-Critical Machines

When external support is not required to maintain critical alignments, machines may be installed in a variety of ways. These range from simple isolation pads to free-standing mounts that may incorporate vibration isolation and leveling capability.

UNISORB® offers four unique and effective products that address the needs of a variety of Non-Support Critical Machines.

Support-Critical Machines: FIXATOR® System

The UNISORB® FIXATOR® System offers the most rigid machine-to-foundation connection available. We offer several FIXATOR configurations allowing this premium anchoring and alignment system to be adapted to all types of installations.

Learn more UNISORB's® FIXATOR® Systems by downloading this brochure:

UNISORB® FIXATOR® Systems - Comprehensive Application & Specification Guidelines (PDF)

Types of FIXATOR® Systems

  • RK™ FIXATOR® System
  • AKII™ Agile® FIXATOR® System
  • DS™ FIXATOR® System
  • MS™ FIXATOR® System
  • S™ FIXATOR® System

Support-Critical Machines: IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials

Our IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials offer superior performance because they have been specifically engineered to provide optimum compression rates for the inertia block, while using standard foundation construction techniques. 

Learn more UNISORB's® IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials by downloading additional resources: 

UNISORB® IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials Information (PDF)

UNISORB® IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials Safety Letter (PDF)

Types of IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials

  • IB-500-S2: A less dense material, used to isolate sidewalls of the inertia block.
  • IB-500-B1: A more dense material, applied to the base surface of the foundation (usually two layers).

Support-Critical Machines: GK™ Low Frequency Foundation Block

For isolating equipment where low interfering frequencies are encountered, there is our GK™ Low Frequency Foundation Block. They are typically used under concrete foundations supporting either source or sensitive machines. 

Want more information? Download our helpful information regarding 

UNISORB's® GK™ LowFrequencyFoundationBlock: 

UNISORB® GK™ Low Frequency Foundation Block Product Information (PDF)

Typical Applications for the GK™ Block

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Precision optical equipment
  • Precision grinders
  • Vibrating conveyors
  • Lab equipment
  • Automated equipment or robotics
  • Equipment operating in severe shock and vibration environments

Support-Critical Machines: Regufoam® Vibrationplus

Regufoam® vibrationplus is applied as a vibration isolating structural element in the installation of both source and sensitive equipment. These installations provide a cost-effective and simple approach to preventing the transmission of structure-born noise and vibration.

For additional information regarding UNISORegufoam® vibrationplus BrochureRB’s Regufoam® Vibrationplus for vibration isolation, please download the following helpful PDFs:

Regufoam® vibrationplus Brochure (PDF)

Regufoam® vibrationplus Product Information (PDF)

Benefits of Regufoam for Vibration Isolation Applications

Regufoam® vibrationplus is an engineered combination closed and open cell foam material that exhibits excellent vibration isolation characteristics including exceptional damping and superior durability in the industrial/commercial environment as proven in over two decades of successful applications.

  •  Natural Frequency Range of 6.3 - 15 Hz
  •  Proven Long Life
  •  Simple Installation
  •  UNISORB® Engineering and Field Support

Support-Critical Machines: RD™ Isolation Systems

The RD™ Isolation System offers natural frequencies down to 1.5 Hz as well as a variety of other exciting features. The product is cast into concrete inertia block, uses variable and replaceable isolator units, simplifies construction, and can be leveled after construction.

Interested in finding out how your company can utilize RD Isolation Systems for foundation isolation? Check out the PDFs below:

Foundation Isolation Solutions (PDF)

RD Isolation Systems General Catalog Information (PDF)

What are the primary features of the RD™ Isolation System?

  • Adaptable Design: Finished foundation may be leveled, and height adjusted, after construction
  • Flexible Features: Horizontal and vertical stiffness may be tailored to your specific application
  • Easy to Use: Individual isolator units may be easily services or replaced, utilizing the RD unit to access the isolator from the top
  • Long-Lasting Foundations: Foundations may be reused by simply changing the isolator units to suit the new application

Non-Support-Critical Machines: LEVEL-RITE® Mounts

LEVEL-RITE® Mounts are superbly engineered, unbreakable, and perfectly suited for general purpose machine leveling and isolation usage.

Both the housing and impact plate of the LEVEL-RITE Mounts are made of ductile iron, conforming to Foundry Spec. 65-45-12.

Every LEVEL-RITE® Mount provides an overall height adjustment of 1-3/8 inches (35mm), which is well beyond all similar products around the world. Additionally, these mounts yield optimum performance, even with floors that are uneven.

For additional information regarding UNISORB’s LEVEL-RITE® Mounts for non-support-critical machines, please download the following helpful PDFs:

LEVEL-RITE® Mounts General Catalog Information (PDF)

LEVEL-RITE® Mounts Product Brochure (PDF)

UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts Offer the Following Benefits:

  • Reduction of shock and vibration
  • Prevention of machine "walking"
  • Simplification of machine installation
  • Elimination of anchor bolts
  • Fast, accurate alignment
  • Accommodation of uneven floors
  • Increased equipment life

Non-Support-Critical Machines: Red-Line® Pads

UNISORB's job engineered Red-Line® Pads substantially reduce vibration and noise transmission. Available in a variety of densities and thicknesses to fit machine load requirements, Red-Line® Pads provide effective, low-cost vibration control for machinery.

Learn more about UNISORB's® Red-Line® Pads by downloading our additional resources:

UNISORB® Red-Line® Pads Safety Letter (PDF)

UNISORB® Red-Line® Pads General Catalog Information (PDF)

Natural Wool Felts & Synthetic Felts

Natural Wool Felts

UNISORB® Red-Line® and Red-Line® Anchor Pads Type H, HB, E, EB, D, and DB have long been the standard for achieving superior results in the toughest shock and vibration applications. These pads are 100% wool fiber and are suitable for normal industrial environments; they are unaffected by exposure to oils, cutting fluids and coolants.

Synthetic Felts

UNISORB® Red-Line® and Red-Line® Anchor Pads Type S, SB, F and FB are manufactured from 100% man-made fibers offering excellent performance at a lower cost. These pads are recommended for use in wet "exposed to weather" applications or where strong concentrations of acids or bases will be encountered.

Non-Support-Critical Machines: Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts

The UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount is a heavy duty machinery mount system that allows for multiple height adjustments and is designed for industrial machine tools that require in-place alignment and leveling.

Interested in UNISORB's® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts? Learn more by downloading our additional resources:

UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount Product Data Sheet (PDF)

UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount General Catalog Information (PDF)

Features of the Tri-Wedge Mount

  • Heavy duty machinery mount system
  • Two height ranges in one mount
  • Optional nitrile butyl rubber pads provide vibration isolation
  • In-place alignment and leveling
  • Patented mount and pad design

Non-Support-Critical Machines: LEV-L-INE® Machinery Mounts

LEVEL-L-INE® Mounts are designed to compensate for uneven floor distortion found in most industrial plants, and may be used with or without anchor bolts.

For additional information about UNISORB's® LEV-L-INE® MachineryMounts, simply download the following resources:

UNISORB® LEV-L-INE® Machinery Mounts General Catalog Information (PDF)

Advantages of LEV-L-INE® Mounts for Machine Tools

  • Floor line may be sloped, but machine line is level
  • Easily accessible, true vertical leveling adjustment
  • Spherical aligning disc assures intimate contact and equal distribution of weight over entire bearing surfaces
  • Mating surfaces are machined to provide quick, easy, and permanent leveling
  • Anchor bolt clearance hole permits bolting machine to floor

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