UNISORB® Solutions for Injection Molding and Die Casting Machines

Injection molding and die casting machines can be the most difficult equipment to mount successfully. Just a few of the major challenges to consider are uneven weight distribution, large horizontal forces that produce machine "walking," and the requirements for easily accomplished installation and relocation to suit changes in production needs.

After studying the needs of both machine builders and users, UNISORB® offers a variety of plastics machinery mounting installation options based upon three major machine designs: conventional, those with no holes in the base, and extremely large or segmented machines.

Why Plastics Machinery Needs UNISORB® Products

Plastics machinery installations are notoriously difficult, but they don't need to be. With an engineered product line by UNISORB®, your installation can be fast and simple. Our products are made for every type of plastics machinery available, including not only conventionally designed machines, but also machines without holes in the base, and extremely large / segmented machinery.

Utilizing our mounts, pads, grout, and popular FIXATOR System, you can prevent installation problems before they occur.

Installation Solutions

Plastics machinery requires skills in machinery alignment, shock, and vibration control, which is what UNISORB engineers excel at. We have an internal Engineering Department that you can contact at any time for expert design and systems selection in your machine installation.

Vibration in plastics machinery is usually related to one or more things: imbalance, misalignment, machine wear, and looseness. These issues can be easily prevented with a proper machine installation using the correct products.

To help you select the correct products for your installation, we've divided plastics machinery into three categories: conventional designs, machines without holes in the base, and extremely large / segmented machinery.

Plastics Machinery with Conventional Designs

Injection molding and die casting machines are used to manufacture a wide variety of parts, from small components to larger components. Most conventional designs first engineer the component, then create a mold. The mold is precision machined and then plastic material is fed into a barrel, mixed, and forced into the mold. The plastic then cools and hardens before it's removed.

We recommend two products for conventionally designed plastics machinery:

Plastics Machinery without Holes in the Base

Plastics machinery without holes in the base requires a specific type of installation. It is imperative to properly fix the base plates of your injection molding or die casting machine to the foundation block to correspond to the holes in the base plate.

To ensure your installation is executed correctly, we recommend that you utilize Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts to provide a level, stable base for your machines.

Extremely Large/Segmented Machines

To install a very large or segmented plastics machine, we recommend the FIXATOR System. This system is utilized for support-critical machines to provide an extremely rigid machine-to- foundation connection. The patented FIXATOR System levels and aligns machinery to tenths (.0001") tolerances.

If you're struggling with an extremely large / segmented machine installation, UNISORB engineers are ready to help. Just contact us for advice on design, installation, or product selection.

Conventional Designs: Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts

Our new Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount Series was developed specifically for the demanding applications of conventionally-designed machines. This extremely rugged series of mounts is truly up to the task and will easily handle the toughest situations. The patented mount design provides extreme resistance to "walking," and features a full 1 3/8 inches of height adjustment.

If you'd like to read more about our Quantum IM® molding mounts, please download the following PDFs:

UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts General Catalog Information (PDF)

Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts Product Brochure (PDF)

Benefits of Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts

Our Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts offer many advantages for those in the plastics industry. We offer a very wide variety of different mount sizes and configurations are available to meet the requirement of any injection molding or die casting machine application. Plus, many of the Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts are height compatible, so it is possible to mix and match different sized mounts to accommodate differing load configurations. Custom-sized Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts are also available upon request.

  • Increased equipment life
  • Simplified machine installation
  • Fast, accurate alignment
  • Reduced shock and vibration
  • Elimination of anchor bolts
  • Uneven floors accommodated
  • Machine "walking" prevented
  • Horizontal impact capabilities

Conventional Designs: Die Turnover™ Pads

UNISORB® Die Turnover™ Pads are designed to replace creosote wood blocks or other flooring methods in die manufacture or repair areas. The 2' x 2' x 2 1/2" thick pads provide a convenient size for handling and placement in die handling areas. Pads are fastened to the floor using UNISORB® Capsule Anchors™ for a long lasting installation.

For more information regarding our Die Turnover™ Pads, please view our PDF:

UNISORB® Die Turnover™ Pads General Catalog Information (PDF)

Advantages of Our Die Turnover™ Pads

  • Simple and cost effective means of providing a resilient work surface that eliminates handling damage to precision dies.
  • Complete, ready to install, requiring no maintenance (anchoring kits are available).
  • Capable of withstanding continuous heavy traffic and extreme loads imposed by the heaviest dies.
  • Precision molded 80 durometer neoprene.
  • Heavy steel backing plate to facilitate anchoring.
  • High friction texture and self-draining diamond surface pattern.

Without Holes in the Base: Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts

Looking for a proven solution for providing balance to machines with no holes in the base? Try our Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount. These patented products offer the flexibility of two height ranges, and feature top and bottom isolation pads to protect both the floor and machine base, along with extreme resistance to "walking."

For more detailed information regarding UNISORB's® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts, download our additional resources:

UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount Product Data Sheet (PDF)

UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount General Catalog Information (PDF)

Available Tri-Wedge® Mount Sizes

We offer two sizes of Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mounts for plastics machinery. Both utilize two stationary and one sliding wedge to provide mechanical lift for the mounts.

  • TW-8000: Up to 8,000 lb. load capacity (3836 kg)
  • TW-35000: Up to 35,000 lb. load capacity (15909 kg)

Extremely Large/Segmented Plastics Machinery: FIXATOR® System

The FIXATOR® System from UNISORB® is the finest anchoring/alignment product in the world. It makes plastics machinery installations fast and simple. Each application is engineered by UNISORB's® engineers to assure the most successful implementation and results.

Learn more UNISORB's® FIXATOR® Systems by downloading this brochure:

UNISORB® FIXATOR® Systems - Comprehensive Application & Specification Guidelines (PDF)

Installing Plastics Machinery with UNISORB's® FIXATOR® System

When installing plastics machinery, such as injection molding or die casting machines, there are eight steps to take for a successful installation.

  1. Foundation Preparation
  2. Position Machine
  3. Attach FIXATORS
  4. Lower Machine
  5. Prepare Grout Forms
  6. Pour Grout
  7. Adjust FIXATORS
  8. Final Machine Alignment

Extremely Large/Segmented Plastics Machinery: Grouting Products

UNISORB® has one of the most complete offerings of cementitious and epoxy grouting materials in the industry. Our experience in installing machine tools and process equipment has led to the development of several general and special purpose grouting products.

Our grouting materials have been carefully developed to provide optimum performance, even in the toughest applications. Every UNISORB® grout product offers unmatched ease of preparation and performance.

Check out our large selection of grouting materials by downloading this catalog

UNISORB® Grouting Products Catalog (PDF)

Cementitious Grouting Materials Available

  • V-1® Premium Non-Shrink
  • Wind Turbine Formula (WTF®)
  • UNISORB® Concrete Repair Compound (UCRC®)

Epoxy Grouting Materials Available

  • Standard V-100®
  • Ship-Safe Standard V-100®
  • Deep Pour V-100®
  • Adhesive V-100®
  • Low-Temp V- 100®
  • Acid Resistant (DCR) V-100®
  • Hi-Flow (CR) V-100®
  • Ship-Share Hi-Flow (CR) V-100®
  • Joint Filler V-100®
  • Hi-Temp V- 100®
  • Xtra-Temp V- 100®
  • WTF-E V- 100®