UNISORB® Anchoring Solutions

Unisorb anchors provide modern, high-strength and easily installed solutions for your machine anchoring requirements. Light-years ahead of old-school ‘J’ bolts or friction anchors, Unisorb anchors are the surest way to secure your equipment for life.

Vector Bolts

Made from high quality forged steel, Vector Bolts have a series of angular facets which resolve stress forces into a cone-shaped pressure pattern. An advantage of this unique design is the increased contact area between the bolt and the grout. The wedge-shaped design on the bottom of the bolt transfers the tensile load of the stud into a lateral compressional load in the foundation assuring maximum pull out strengths. This results in reduction of embedment depth required to achieve full strength as well as lowering construction costs and the cost of grouting material.

See the Unisorb Vector Anchor Data Sheet here

HVU Adhesive Capsule Anchor Systems

Why Your Machine Needs UNISORB® Anchoring Products

Older, traditional methods of anchoring a machine relies heavily on either large, hard to form or drill, grout pockets or the ‘nut-and-washer’ on a threaded rod that does not engage much of the foundation at all. Time is a factor on all installations while the strength of the anchor is critical. Any failure of an inferior system will cost time, money and potentially damage to the machine itself.

Unisorb uses only high-strength materials that have been time-tested and field proven. Our Vector Anchors and Heavy Duty Jakebolts are the trusted anchors in high value installations across the globe. Save time and money while knowing that you have the best engineered anchor system available. Call our engineering department today and let us help you lock down your project.

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