UNISORB® Vibration Analysis Services

UNISORB® provides vibration analysis services as part of its overall engineering assistance program to meet every customer's machinery installation need. Our engineers are thoroughly trained in the use of state-of-the-art vibration analyzing equipment and are experienced in the analysis of technical data collected for every machinery shock and vibration installation problem. Solving difficult machinery installation problems by providing comprehensive engineered solutions is our primary mission.

Onsite Vibration Analysis Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic site qualification (read more)
  • Finished system performance verification

Learn more about foundation isolation by downloading this brochure:

UNISORB Foundation Isolation Solutions (PDF)

What You Receive

An experienced UNISORB® representative will travel to your site and evaluate your situation, so that you can know with assurance that your installation will go as planned.

This evaluation entails data collection with high-tech vibration analysis equipment. Next, your rep will compile an analysis of the jobsite, product, and installation methods. When the project is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report of the collected data along with recommendations to resolve any installation problems.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Qualified, experienced UNISORB® Engineer
  • Complete, onsite analysis of product and site
  • Assurance that the site is qualified for installation
  • Detailed report of data collected onsite
  • Recommendations to fix installation issues

UNISORB® Site Qualification

A site qualification for vibration analysis lets you rest assured that the performance of your finished installation is predictable. Our environmentally-friendly vibration analysis is performed at your site, and includes interpretation of basic soils and other data.

This information provides our engineers with a basis for assuring that an acceptable shock/vibration environment is established, and eliminates overspending and unnecessary designing solutions.

Learn more about

UNISORB® Site Qualification

UNISORB® Advanced Engineering Services

If your installation is compounded and needs a more detailed analysis, we can provide it! Our structural analysis includes computer modeling and finite element analysis to ensure predictable machine performance

Our analysis is suited to both new installations as well as resolving issues with existing machines.

Competitive Pricing

Our vibration analysis services are competitively priced, and are customized to your project needs. Fees are based on a standard "day" rate, with considerations for the type and level of detail in your report, plus travel expenses.

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