UNISORB® Professional Engineering

Do you need design assistance for an application or product blueprint? Looking for complete construction-ready packages that are P.E. stamped? We can help!

UNISORB® offers comprehensive professional engineering design services to industrial, medical, testing and verification, printing, power generation, aerospace, and many other significant markets.

For an example of our engineering services, please download:

UNISORB’s Scope of Foundation Engineering Services  (PDF)

What You Receive

Our services range from standard design assistance to complete construction-ready packages. The all assistance and CAD designs that you’ll receive with UNISORB® are created by educated, experienced professional engineers.

Here's what you receive:

  • The support of the industry's most experienced staff in machinery installation design
  • Assistance with all types of products and equipment
  • The services you need – design assistance to construction-ready packages
  • Innovative solutions customized to your application and challenges
  • Cost-effective design solutions on any size project, large or small
  • Short turnaround times to meet tight deadlines
  • Expert answers when you need them

Our engineers can assist with your installations and questions:

Preventing Machine Installation Problems (PDF)

UNISORB® Engineering Design Services

Our staff is uniquely qualified to identify the critical elements of your project, and assure that they receive the attention they deserve. Our decades of experience in creating cost effective, successful installations is at your disposal in creating a quality installation which will optimize your machine's performance throughout its useful life.

UNISORB® General Design including Civil and Structural Engineering

For those who need civil or structural engineering designs, including those in land planning, site development, education, healthcare, and waste management, we provide a range of professional services.

  • Conceptual design
  • Design assistance
  • Construction-ready packages
  • Construction management
  • Inspection service

UNISORB®'s Engineering Department, the most experienced in the industry, provides services ranging from conceptual design to complete construction-ready packages, including construction management and inspection services.

Competitive Pricing

UNISORB®’s® extensive experience in machinery installation solutions makes it possible for us to offer this service on an extremely competitive basis with short turnaround times and an unparalleled level of expertise.

UNISORB® Site Qualification

If you need assistance with the qualification for a site, our team of professional engineers is here to help!

Breathe a little easier with our site qualification services. You’ll receive an experienced engineer onsite to walk you through the ins and outs of an installation, ensuring that the site you’ve chosen works well with your products so that you don’t overspend on unnecessary design.

Let’s ensure that the installed product performs as it should, in a predictable and reliable manner.

Worry-free site qualification services include:

  • Onsite environmental vibration analysis
  • Interpretation of basic soils and other data
  • Assurance that a specific shock/vibration solution is established
  • Elimination of over-spending and unnecessary design

UNISORB® Construction Documents and Coordination

Complete your projects faster, catch problems before they arise, and receive professionally engineered construction documents to use for bidding and construction!

Let’s ensure that all critical construction issues are identified and completely defined with detailed project specifications. This documentation will save you time and worry, and assures a smooth, delay-free project!

Also provided are any required coordination of contractors, and inspection services as desired, assuring speedier project completion times.

UNISORB® Advanced Engineering Services

Do you have a current issue with your installation, but are unsure what it is? Is your new installation complicated, requiring the assistance of a professional engineer? If so, UNISORB® can help!

For more complex and critical installations where both machine and foundation are subject to large dynamic operating forces, UNISORB® provides detailed structural analysis including computer modeling and finite element analysis.

These services assure that your machine performs as it should, without unexpected modes of vibration or unwanted bending and twisting in your machine or foundation.

Advanced engineering design services are used by those with new installations as well as those who want assistant with existing installations. Interested? Contact us today!

Contact UNISORB®

Reach UNISORB®’s Engineering Department via phone, email, or through our online contact form below.

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