About UNISORB ® Installation Solutions 

Established in 1935 as a subsidiary of The Felters Company, originally working primarily in the shock/vibration field, UNISORB ® has grown to be the leader in providing a full spectrum of advanced products and innovative engineering for the installation of a wide variety of capital equipment used in General Manufacturing, Metalworking, Testing and Verification, Printing, Power Generation, and a wide variety of other areas.

As part of our commitment to provide the best installation products and services, UNISORB ® maintains the only industry staff of engineers devoted exclusively to the design and implementation of complete machinery installation systems.

From concept to final installation, UNISORB ® ensures optimum performance of mounted equipment.

Professional Engineering Staff

UNISORB ® has an excellent Professional Engineering Staff devoted exclusively to the design and implementation of complete machinery installation systems from concept to final installation. No project is too large or too small.

Unisorb’s experienced staff of designers, application engineers and field engineers assure that you will realize the maximum return on your capital equipment investment.

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Correct installation is nearly as important as selecting the correct machine tool for your desired manufacturing process. UNISORB ® products help you achieve maximum performance from a piece of equipment and a great return on your capital investment.

Correctly installing a machine tool rarely costs more than one percent of the total value of a machine. By using UNISORB's products and engineering expertise, you can be sure that your machine will be correctly installed.

Depend on UNISORB ®for:

  • Machinery Mounts
  • Vibration Isolation Systems
  • Anchoring and Alignment Systems
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Vibration Analysis Services
  • Isolated Foundation Design
  • Advanced Grouting Technologies

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