UNISORB® Vibration Analysis

vibration survey

On-site Vibration Analysis Services include, but are not limited to, basic site qualification and finished system performance verification. A qualified Unisorb representative will travel to your site with state-of-the-art vibration analysis equipment and perform the necessary data collection to permit your situation to be fully evaluated. A detailed analysis is then completed culminating in the issuance of a detailed report presenting the data collected and includes recommendations for the resolution of individual installation problems. This is a "for fee" service with costs being based on a standard "day" rate, a selection of report detail types, or level of detail, plus travel expenses.

UNISORB® provides vibration analysis services as part of its overall engineering assistance program to meet every customer's machinery installation need. Our engineers are thoroughly trained in the use of state-of-the-art vibration analyzing equipment and are experienced in the analysis of technical data collected for every machinery shock and vibration installation problem. Solving difficult machinery installation problems by providing comprehensive engineered solutions is our primary mission.

UNISORB® Site Qualification

Vibration plot

UNISORB's assistance with site qualification assures that the performance of the finished installation is predictable. On-site environmental vibration analysis, coupled with interpretation of basic soils and other data provides a basis for assuring that an acceptable shock/vibration environment is established without overspending or designing solutions to non-existent problems.

UNISORB® Advanced Engineering Services

Finite element analysis

For more complex and critical installations where both machine and foundation are subject to large dynamic operating forces, UNISORB® can provide detailed structural analysis including computer modeling and finite element analysis. This assures that unwanted bending and twisting in either the machine or foundation doesn't produce unexpected modes of vibration which adversely affect machine performance. These services are not restricted to new installations, and are often very useful in resolving problems with existing machines.

Contact UNISORB's Engineering Department to inquire about the vibration analysis services available or call us at 888-4-UNISORB (888-486-4767) or 517-764-6060 to talk with an engineer.

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