UNISORB® Professional Engineering

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Unisorb® offers full "for fee" engineering services which result in the issuance of a P.E. stamped construction drawing package ready to be issued to the construction contractor of your choice. Unisorb's extensive experience in machinery installation solutions makes it possible for us to offer this service on an extremely competitive basis with short turn around times and an unparalleled level of expertise.

Contact UNISORB's Engineering Department to inquire about professional engineering services available or call us at
888-4-UNISORB (888-486-4767) or 517-764-6060 to talk with an engineer.

UNISORB® General Design including Civil and Structural Engineering

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UNISORB's Engineering Department, the most experienced in the industry, can provide services ranging from conceptual design to complete construction ready packages including construction management and inspection services. Whether providing a simple design review or a complete turnkey package, our staff is uniquely qualified to identify the critical elements of your project, and assure that they receive the attention they deserve. Our decades of experience in creating cost effective, successful installations is at your disposal in creating a quality installation which will optimize your machine's performance throughout its useful life.

UNISORB® Site Qualification

Vibration plot

UNISORB's assistance with site qualification assures that the performance of the finished installation is predictable. On-site environmental vibration analysis, coupled with interpretation of basic soils and other data provides a basis for assuring that a specific shock/vibration solution is established, eliminating over-spending and unnecessary design.


UNISORB® Construction Documents and Coordination

UNISORB® provides engineered construction documents for general contractors to use for bidding and construction. These include complete project specifications to assure that critical construction issues are identified and completely defined. Also included is a detailed list of criteria for the inspection and approval process. This documentation assures a smooth, delay free project. We will provide complete construction management, coordination of contractors, and inspection services as desired, assuring faster project completion times.

UNISORB® Advanced Engineering Services

Finite element analysis

For more complex and critical installations where both machine and foundation are subject to large dynamic operating forces, UNISORB® can provide detailed structural analysis including computer modeling and finite element analysis. This assures that unwanted bending and twisting in either the machine or foundation doesn't produce unexpected modes of vibration which adversely affect machine performance. These services are not restricted to new installations, and are often very useful in resolving problems with existing machines.

Time is money!

UNISORB® Time Resources and Financial Savings

Why choose UNISORB? Bottom line...UNISORB® will help get your equipment up and running faster, better and for less cost. It's our business and we are the leader! Our daily involvement in projects like yours eliminates long learning curves and assures that performance critical issues are addressed and not left to chance. Whether our involvement is at the design review or full turnkey project level UNISORB® is your best choice.

Call 888-4-UNISORB (888-486-4767) or 517-764-6060 to discuss your project today!

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