UNISORB® Solutions for Power Generation Installations

power plant Since 1982, UNISORB® has been a supplier of anchoring/alignment systems, leveling devices and grouting materials for steam turbine installations. Our strong background in this field, coupled with our successful track record, positions us as a leader in the industry. Our experience pertinent to this field includes power generation, process and manufacturing.

UNISORB® supplies equipment for power generation installations in kit form. These kits are designed and furnished for each specific machine application. They include all necessary hardware and support equipment for a complete and successful installation.

When you save time on installation you also save money. On some of the projects UNISORB® power generation installation packages have been used on, time savings of up to 80% have been achieved. This amounts to significant dollar savings by our customers.

Each kit has its own set of engineering drawings to provide the field staff with all the necessary instructions and documentation to install a quality mounting system for the customers. Another feature of UNISORB's mounting systems is on site technical support. Our field engineers have what it takes to assist our customers with their machinery installation in a way that assures a successful completion every time.

Wind Turbine Power Generation


Originally developed for the critical grouting of Wind Turbine Generator base structures to their foundations, Unisorb® WTF™ Non-Shrink Grout is a cement-based, non-shrink grout that develops ultra high compressive strength in a short period of time. Unisorb® WTF™ Non-Shrink Grout is uniquely suitable for manual placement at a stiff consistency where it is not possible to utilize traditional forming methods. Unisorb® WTF ™ can be the key to significantly shorter erection times. Unisorb® WTF ™ exhibits the following features.

For more information on UNISORB's power generation products, contact our Power Generation Group Customer Service or call
888 4-UNISORB (888-486-4767) or 517-764-6060.

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