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machine tools UNISORB® is industry's most experienced supplier of products and materials for the installation of machine tools. Since the 1930's UNISORB® application specialists have studied the problems associated with installing machine tools of all types and developed effective solutions. Our complete product line may be appropriately applied to a wide variety of machine tool applications. To simplify the process of product selection it is helpful to consider that machine tools can be generally grouped into two categories; those that are support critical and those that are non-support critical.

Support Critical Machines

Many machines require substantial support from their surroundings to assure that critical operational alignments are maintained. These machines must be rigidly connected to an adequate foundation to accomplish this. The UNISORB® FIXATOR® System offers the most rigid machine to foundation connection available. Several FIXATOR configurations are available, allowing this premium anchoring and alignment system to be adapted to all types of installations. When vibration isolation is desired in a support critical installation, an inertia block foundation isolation system is often the best option. UNISORB® IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials, GK™ Low Frequency Foundation Isolation Blocks, Regufoam, and the UNISORB® RD™ Series Foundation Mounts address the full range of foundation isolation requirements.

Non-Support Critical Machines

When external support is not required to maintain critical alignments, machines may be installed in a wide variety of ways ranging from simple isolation pads to free standing mounts that may incorporate vibration isolation and leveling capability. UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts offer the ideal solution for free standing installations. Every LEVEL-RITE® Mount offers built in leveling and vibration isolation while preventing machine "walking". Red-Line® Pads address the need for vibration isolation in installations that do not require anchoring. Combined with VECTOR® Bolts and UNISORB® grouting products, a secure bolt-through installation can be provided. The UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® and LEV-L-INE® Machinery Mounts are suitable for all installations that require leveling. Both mounts can be used with or without anchor bolts.

Contact UNISORB's Engineering Department to inquire about professional engineering services available or call us at 888-4-UNISORB (888-486-4767) or 517-764-6060 to talk with an engineer.

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