UNISORB® Solutions for Injection Molding and Die Casting

injection molding

Injection molding and die casting machines can be the toughest of all machines to mount successfully. Uneven weight distribution, large horizontal forces which often produce machine "walking", along with the requirement for easily accomplished installation and relocation to suit changes in production needs are just a few of the major challenges to consider.

UNISORB® has studied the needs of both machine builders and users, offering three basic installation approaches depending on machine design:

Machines of Conventional Design

UNISORB® has developed the new Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount Series specifically for these demanding applications. This extremely rugged series of mounts is truly up to the job and will easily handle the toughest situations. The patented mount design provides extreme resistance to "walking" and features a full 1 3/8 inches of height adjustment.

Machines which Do Not Have Holes in the Base

The UNISORB® Tri-Wedge® Machinery Mount offers a proven solution. The patented Tri-Wedge® offers the flexibility of two height ranges and features top and bottom isolation pads to protect both the floor and machine base along with extreme resistance to "walking".

Extremely Large or Segmented Machines

UNISORB's FIXATOR® anchoring and alignment system offers the ultimate in ease of alignment coupled with an extremely rigid machine to foundation connection. UNISORB® offers complete foundation design and construction support services when needed.

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