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UNISORB® Vibralastic™Isolation Mounts

Vibralastic Isolation Mounts

The Vibralastic™ product line includes various rubber to metal bonded anti-vibration mounts. Natural rubber is used, generally loaded in a combination of shear and compression to achieve the most effective levels of vibration isolation and to ensure long life for the mounts and machinery mounted on them.

UNISORB® Vibralastic™ Mounts are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes which vary according to the application. Most models are available from stock.

A catalog covering the selection and performance of Vibralastic™ Mounts is available from this page and our Literature & MSDS page.

Picture Link to Product Uses for Product
Vibralastic VA Mount Type VA Universal mounting for industrial installations such as engines, generators, compressors and pumps.
Vibralastic VE Mount Type VE Similar to the VA Mount, but specifically recommended for installations where a higher degree of isolation is required.
Vibralastic VM Mount Type VM A very soft mount with a high degree of isolation and shock protection for fans, cameras, electronics, computers, etc.
Vibralastic V-TB Mount Type V-TO
Type V-BU
Used for mounting electrical cabinets, computers, testing equipment, ductwork, suspended ceilings.
Vibralastic VB Bumper Mount Type VB This mount is used to limit movement of equipment components safely and effectively while providing isolation.
Vibralastic VAB Mount Type VAB Mounting for equipment such as electronics, cameras, fans, and small pumps.
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