UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts

UNISORB Quantum IM Mount

UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts provide optimum leveling and alignment in minutes, without anchoring either the machine or mounts to the floor. Designed especially for injection molding and die casting machines, UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts dampen both vertical and horizontal impacts found in reciprocating machines. UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts meet applicable OSHA requirements.

The Maximum Adjustment Range

These mounts are truly a quantum leap in machine mount technology. Every model in the Quantum IM® line provides an overall adjustment range of 1 3/8 inches. This range goes well beyond all of UNISORB's competitors worldwide. In addition, UNISORB's line of Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and all share these time tested durability features:

The Housing

The housing and impact plate of the Quantum IM® Injection Miolding Mounts are made of ductile iron, meeting Foundry Spec. 65-45-12. Our product team has tested and proven the design to be virtually indestructible even in the toughest high speed injection molding applications.

The Isolation Pad

All Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount isolation pads consist of proprietary formulated elastomers. The unique internal design of UNISORB's Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts eliminates the interdependence between vertical adjustment and horizontal stiffness found in other mount designs. Our design ensures that each mounting point presents identical horizontal and vertical load deflection characteristics to the machine regardless of adjustment height.

The Adjusting Bolt

The true hex head adjusting bolt is made with high strength Grade 5 steel to withstand punishment that would shear off most other bolts. In addition, the finer thread pitch on the adjusting bolt provides greater mechanical advantage and offers a higher degree of accuracy in adjustment, making installation convenient and foolproof. Standard bolts are provided with Metric threads and special bolt lengths are available upon request.

Precision Engineering for Horizontal Impact

The isolation pad is engineered for a precision fit inside the housing. This tight fitting design yields smoother, quieter operation and longer mount life. The sure fit of the isolation pad enhances the mount's ability to absorb the horizontal impact forces caused by machine operation.

Weight and Force are Distributed Evenly

The unique patent pending design of the isolation pad to mount housing interface results in the uniform distribution of applied forces. The Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts are unmatched in controlling extreme machine induced dynamic loads. This eliminates the "walking", excessive machine motion and mount failures typical of general purpose mounts in these applications.

Prevents Machine Walking

The rectangular shape of the Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount is yet another advantage. While providing greater resistance to machine "walking" than circular mounts, the straight leading edge surface on the rectangular mount has proven to be more geometrically stable. This helps eliminate pad roll and entrapment of coolants and oils beneath the pad. In addition, each isolation pad is engineered to possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that also prevents machine "walking".

The Industry's Most Extensive Range of Size and Configuration

A wide variety of different mount sizes and configurations are available to meet the requirement of any injection molding or die casting machine application. Many of the Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts are height compatible, so it is possible to mix and match different sized mounts to accommodate differing load configurations. Custom sized Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mounts are also available upon request.

UNISORB® Quantum IM® Injection Molding Mount Benefits:
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