UNISORB® Red-Line® Pads and Red-Line® Anchor Pads

Red-Line Pads

Reduced vibration contributes to more efficient operation and longer life of costly machinery. UNISORB's job engineered Red-Line® pads substantially reduce vibration and noise transmission. Available in a variety of densities and thicknesses to fit machine load requirements, Red-Line® Pads provide effective, low cost vibration control for machinery. Available in standard sheets of 36" x 60" for natural wool felt and 36" x 72" for synthetic felt. Contact UNISORB® for quotations on cut-to-size pieces.

The nylon bonded surface of Red-Line® Anchor Pads provides a high coefficient of friction that prevents light and medium duty machines from creeping or "walking" without the use of anchor bolts. These pads are not affected by most oils and solutions found in manufacturing plants.

UNISORB® Red-Line® Pads are also highly resistant or impervious to most industrial chemicals, oils and moisture. Life expectancy, in most cases, will exceed that of the machinery with which they are installed. Red-Line Pad installations are fast, easy and inexpensive.

Natural Wool Felts

UNISORB® Red-Line® and Red-Line® Anchor Pads Type H, HB, E, EB, D, and DB have long been the standard for achieving superior results in the toughest shock and vibration applications. These pads are 100% wool fiber and are suitable for normal industrial environments; they are unaffected by exposure to oils, cutting fluids and coolants.) and require Acrobat Reader™.

Synthetic Felts

UNISORB® Red-Line® and Red-Line® Anchor Pads Type S, SB, F and FB are manufactured from 100% man-made fibers offering excellent performance at a lower cost. These pads are recommended for use in wet "exposed to weather" applications or where strong concentrations of acids or bases will be encountered.

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