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UNISORB® Novibra®¹ Anti-vibration Mounts

Novibra Anti-vibration Mounts

The Novibra® product line includes various rubber to metal bonded anti-vibration mounts. Natural rubber is used, generally loaded in a combination of shear and compression to achieve the most effective levels of vibration isolation and to ensure long life for the mounts and machinery mounted on them.

UNISORB® Novibra® Mounts are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes which vary according to the application. Many models are available from stock.

Many specialized Novibra® products are also available. A brochure covering the selection and performance of Novibra® Mounts is available from our Literature & MSDS page.

Picture Link to Product Uses for Product
RA Shielded Cup Mount RA™ Shielded Cup Mount Universal mounting for industrial installations such as engines, compressors and pumps.
RAEM Shielded Cup Mount RAEM™ Shielded Cup Mount Similar to the Novibra® RA™ Mount, but specifically recommended for installations where a high degree of isolation is required.
SAW Heavy Mount SAW™ Heavy Mount Dual stiffness mount for crushers, mills, grinders and similiar large, heavy equipment.
M Rubber Cup Mount M™ Rubber Cup Mount An extremely soft mount that provides a high degree of isolation and shock protection for fans, computers, etc.
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