UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts for Hollow Base Machines

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Designed for hollow bases as found on certain models of knee mills, lathes, grinders and other typical shop machines. The Hollow Base Mounting Kit provides vibration control, easy leveling and support.

Accurate leveling is obtained by simply turning the leveling screw of each mount. The free floating action of the LEVEL-RITE® Mounts used with the Hollow Base Mounting Kit automatically compensate for uneven or pitched floors. Once adjusted, the lock washer and nut hold the adjustment secure.

Furnished complete with with mounting plates and elastomeric isolation pads, BP-2500™ and BP-5000™ LEVEL-RITE® Mount Systems reduce the transmission of vibration, reduce noise and prevent machines from creeping or "walking". Properly installed, LEVEL-RITE® mounts meet OSHA standards for anchoring machinery.

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