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UNISORB's new patented LEVEL-RITE® Mounts have been engineered and tested to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of machinery. From small chipmaking mills to larger machining centers, LEVEL-RITE® Mounts provide machine installation solutions for leveling, aligning and vibration isolation. The all new design provides industry with a higher standard for adjustment range, durability, and function.

Unparalleled Adjustment Range

LEVEL-RITE® Mounts provide the greatest adjustment range in the industry. Every model size in the UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mount line provides an overall adjustment range of 1 3/8 inches, nearly triple the industry average. The mounts are available in seven standard models to provide an extensive range of size and configuration.

Machine Walking Prevented

The rectangular shape of the UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts provides significantly greater resistance to machine "walking" than circular mounts. The straight leading edge surfaces on rectangular mounts are considerably more stable than circular mounts. This helps eliminate pad roll as well as entrapment of coolants and oils beneath the pad which ultimately contributes to machine "walking". The exceptionally high coefficient of friction provided by these elastomeric pads also prevents machine "walking".

Unmatched Durability

Built to meet the industry's toughest demands, the housings of the UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts are made of ductile iron conforming to Foundry Spec. 65-45-12. These mounts have been rigorously tested and are virtually indestructible.

Unequaled Isolation Performance

The isolation pads of all UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts are made from proprietary elastomers. The unique internal design eliminates the interdependence between vertical and horizontal stiffness found in other mount designs. This unique design ensures that each mounting point presents consistent vertical and horizontal load deflection characteristics, regardless of adjustment height. LEVEL-RITE® Mounts are unmatched in controlling extreme machine induced dynamic loads, thus eliminating excessive machine motion and preventing failures typical of most other general purpose mounts.

Rugged Adjusting Bolt Design

The LEVEL-RITE® Mount features a high strength, grade 5 hex head adjusting bolt that will withstand punishment which would shear off most other bolts. The finer thread pitch provides greater accuracy in adjustment. LEVEL-RITE® Mounts feature adjusting bolts with metric threads. Special bolt lengths and configurations are available on request.

UNISORB® LEVEL-RITE® Mounts Offer the Following Benefits:
Picture Link to Product Uses for Product
Level-Rite for hollow base machines LEVEL-RITE® Mounts for hollow base machines Designed for hollow base installations of certain models of knee mills and shop machines.
LR_Series Level-Rite LR-Series™ LR-Series™ mounts are perfectly suited for general-purpose machine leveling and isolation usage.
LR-200 LR-500 Level-Rite LR-200™ and LR-500™ Light duty leveling and isolation mounts for shop fixtures, tables and equipment.
R-Series Level-Rite R-Series™ Machinery mount with free floating leveling screw for all types of equipment.
U-Seeries Level-Rite U-Series™ Isolated mounting for machines that have their own leveling hardware. Replaces steel puck feet.
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