UNISORB® IB-500™ Inertia Block Foundation Isolation Materials

IB-500 Inertia Block Foundation Isolation Materials

UNISORB® IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials offer superior performance because they have been specifically engineered to provide optimum compression rates for the inertia block while using standard foundation construction techniques. These products are unaffected by oils, coolants, cutting fluids and other liquids normally found in the industrial environment. IB-500™ Inertia Block Isolation Materials are conservatively rated, providing a life expectancy which typically exceeds that of the machinery being installed.

The materials are manufactured in two densities: A less dense material, designated
IB-500-S2, is used to isolate sidewalls of the inertia block; A more dense material,
IB-500-B1, is applied to the base surface of the foundation (usually two layers). Both materials are manufactured in 1/2" thick sheets and are used in layers where greater thickness is desired. The material is available from stock in 3' x 6' sheets for fast delivery. Special sizes may be cut to exact dimensions at the factory or on the job site.

The isolation material is protected from moisture migrating from fluid concrete by a water resistant covering which also provides a tough, abrasion and puncture resistant surface.

Although there are several different methods of installation, the proper approach depends primarily on the depth of the inertia block and the condition of the soil. UNISORB® Applications Engineers can offer assistance in determining suitable materials and procedures to meet specific inertia block requirements.

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