The UNISORB® RK™ FIXATOR® system is the finest anchoring/alignment product available. It makes support critical machinery installations fast and simple. Each application is engineered by UNISORB's Engineering Department to assure successful implementation and results. Not only are anchoring/alignment installations fast and easy, but realignments can be achieved without loosening the anchor nut, and can be done whenever necessary.

Unlike conventional leveling methods that require repeated trial and error jacking and tightening during machine installation, the RK™ FIXATOR® permits alignment adjustments to be made after anchor nuts are tight. The only tool required to adjust the FIXATOR® is a small hand wrench.

The patented RK™ FIXATOR® levels and aligns machinery to tenths (.0001") tolerances. Finely machined Molykote® covered surfaces, limited backlash and high mechanical advantage make it possible to vary height adjustments at any time, even under maximum loads. The time consuming work and production losses usually associated with aligning are eliminated. Machines remain in service, and machine life is prolonged.

Other important benefits include built in compensation for uneven areas in foundations or machine bases and true vertical lift (made possible by a 3-piece wedge design) to eliminate lateral forces as machines are raised or lowered. The RK™ FIXATOR® System also affords the most rigid machine to foundation connection available.

RK™ FIXATORS® are available in five sizes with a wide choice of optional equipment that adapt the system to meet any installation required. The RK™ FIXATOR® Basic Units are rust proofed at manufacture and require no further treatment for normal machine tool applications. All load bearing surfaces are covered with Molykote® at manufacture and require no further attention during the life of the unit. Under normal circumstances, the adjusting bolt should move easily under any loading, requiring only the use of a small hand wrench. The anchor bolts supplied with the FIXATORS are of special design to allow stretching with no reduction in strength or anchoring power. The above listed advantages of the UNISORB® RK FIXATOR® System have been consistently found to outweigh any additional expense necessary to purchase the units.

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