AK Agile FIXATOR® System

UNISORB's Model AKII™ Agile® FIXATOR® mount has been developed specifically to meet industry's demand for a cost effective, truly "agile" machinery installation system.

A Product of the Proven FIXATOR® System

The AKII™ FIXATOR® basic design incorporates the well proven adjusting mechanism and clamping capabilities of the RK™ FIXATOR® into an updated overall mount design that permits installation in any of six fundamentally different ways.

Anchored or Anchorless Installations

The AKII™ Agile® FIXATOR® Mount is intended for use in anchorless or anchored applications and offers the capability to quickly converted from one to the other without disturbing or removing the machine base. The system can be used with resilient pads of varying stiffness and thickness to produce the load deflection characteristics required.

The system may be easily converted to an anchored variation if required at a later date by the simple application of one of three available anchoring techniques.

Core Drilling Not Required

Location, layout and core drilling are not required as the anchor holes are simply drilled through the mount base after installation. The use of the optional toggle clamp permits this to be accomplished even when overhanging machine components prevent access to the center or side anchor locations.

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