UNISORB® V-1® Non-Shrink Grout
Canadian UNISORB® Premium Non-Shrink Grout

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V-1® Non-Shrink Grout is a cement-based, flowable, non-shrink grout that develops extremely high compressive strength in a short period of time. It can be used in any application requiring high strength support and anchoring of machinery.

Fast Curing for Minimum Down Time

At an ASTM flow index of 118, V-1® Non-Shrink Grout has a strength of approximately 7,545 psi in 24 hours. This strength increases gradually and reaches its maximum of 11,000 psi at 28 days.

High Quality, Non-Corrosive, Non-Shrinking

V-1® Non-Shrink Grout is composed of several carefully blended size ranges of pure silica sand, the best quality high early curing portland cement and a proprietary controlled expansion compound. V-1® Non-Shrink Grout is unique in that it can be extended by adding up to 50% (by weight) pea gravel, thus substantially reducing material costs on larger pours.

V-1® Non-Shrink Grout is chloride-free, has controlled expansion and will not shrink below its original mixing volume after the recommended water ratio is added. Controlled expansion ensures a full bearing contact between machine base and foundation.

Important Advantages

Because of its high load carrying capacity, UNISORB® V-1® Non-Shrink Grout withstands extremely high unit loads, distributing them over a large area. Weaker materials, such as concrete and inferior grout may develop structural flaws when subjected to concentrated loads that weaken the machine-foundation connection. Controlled expansion precludes the possibility of shrinkage related voids so that full bearing contact is ensured between the machine and its foundation. V-1® is an excellent choice where high ambient temperatures will be encountered. It also exhibits superior resistance to attack by strong acids and bases.

V-1® Non-Shrink Grout exceeds ASTMC1107 and Corps of Engineers Specification for Non-Shrink Grout CRD-C 621. ASTM and CRD test results are available on request.

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