UNISORB® Composite Matrix (TiFi) Pads™

Composite Matrix (TiFi) Pad

Unisorb Composite Matrix (TiFi) Pad is a true engineered system. While similar in appearance to the Unisorb Quantum Press Mount Isolation Pads, the TiFi is a combination of our Red-Line F-1 and Titan Shock Pad which is custom designed to fit each mounting point of your machine. Each TiFi application is "tuned" to provide maximum shock and vibration isolation by our engineering staff. Our Unisorb TiFi Solution provides a low profile and cost effective method to preserve your machinery investments.

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Red-line pads Red-Line® Pads and Red-Line® Anchor Pads Natural wool or synthetic felt in a variety of densities and thicknesses. Optional nylon bonded surface provides a high coefficient of friction to prevent machinery from creeping and "walking".
Titan shock pads Titan™ Shock Pads A tough, textile and neoprene laminated pad for installations with extreme loadings or heavy impact.
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