Constructed entirely of steel, the Heavy Duty JAKEBOLTS® are tough, durable, and MIG welded watertight to prevent contamination of internal components during installation. Each JAKEBOLT® comes supplied with a centralizing bushing which doubles as a seal and protects against contamination during grouting.

JAKEBOLTS® are manufactured with retractable studs to allow a clear floor condition at any time. Anchor studs can be adjusted to project above the floor from 0 to 6" or 0 to 12", depending on the bolt specified for the installation. The entire internal anchor assembly can be adjusted laterally as well as vertically to compensate for normal construction variances in both hole location and machine foot thickness.

The Heavy Duty JAKEBOLT® incorporates 90,000 psi tensile strength steel in the bolts. The all steel anchor assembly is designed for service under the most severe conditions.

Special versions of the Heavy Duty JAKEBOLT® are available by consulting UNISORB's ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT.

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