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Machine tools installed and aligned on UNISORB® FIXATOR® Anchoring and Alignment Systems operate at maximum design efficiency.

UNISORB® FIXATOR® Systems have been carefully designed to provide optimum performance and ease of installation, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Picture Link to Product Uses for Product
RK Fixator RK™ FIXATOR® System Makes support critical machinery installations fast and easy. The most rigid machine to foundation connection available.
AKII Fixator AKII™ Agile® FIXATOR® System Intended for use in anchorless or anchored applications and offers the capability to be quickly converted from one to the other without disturbing or removing the machine base.
DS Fixator DS™ FIXATOR® System A free standing leveling jack for machinery that requires a large leveling range.
MS Fixator MS™ FIXATOR® System For vertical and lateral alignment and anchoring of electric motors, pumps, compressors, and other applications.
S Fixator S™ FIXATOR® System Complements the RK™ FIXATOR® System, ideal for floor plates where leveling must be accomplished from above.
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